New Year, New Podcasts!

In the spirit of the new year, we’ve rounded up some of the best podcast highlights shared by the community, from newly claimed podcasters on TapTapes

Sales Influence - Why People Buy!

From cleaning sidewalks, to sales, to business ownership, how?

Today's buyer is more informed and more skeptical when it comes to buying. In this podcast, we'll discuss "Finding the Why in How Clients Buy" by using the latest studies in consumer behavior and neuromarketing to sell more effectively!

The Two Commoners Podcast 

Who did you vote for, and why?

A neuroscience major (Sid Peck) and a bio-medicine major (Hunter Groth) discuss politics the way people should. With open hearts and minds, and not yelling or screaming. This podcast is not made to make us seem like experts, but rather just ordinary citizens having every day (political) conversation. We may be wrong about some things and if we are please let us know. We try to get the most up to date information and interpret the information as best as we can. The episodes are made for everyone! Take a listen!

FlickThat Movie Podcast

Arnold Schwarzenegger - last action hero, a massive throwback! Do you even remember the plot? it will give you a fuzzy worm feeling of nostalgia. 

Welcome to the new FlickThat podcast brought to you by FlickDirect and Movie Deals App. Join your hosts Nathan Rose and Austin Putnam as they take a look at movies and pop culture from generational perspectives (Gen X and Z).

Two actors walk into a bar Podcast

What happens when a podcast host decides to name her new series “Drunk Christmas” 

Two Actors Walk Into a Bar, is the new podcast series hosted by Scarlett Briant and David McCulloch. Together they find humour in reality and provide opinions on everything they’re not entitled to. Get the drinks in, as our two actors sit back, crack open some beers and put the world to rights!


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